Ehang "Egret" Drones break record in China

Ehang "Egret" Drones break record in China

The Winter Olympics may seem a long time ago, but was only in February when we were treated to the sight of a stunning light show created by 1,218 Intel "Shooting Star" drones as part of the opening ceremonies. (see )

Intel's Guinness World Record didn't last too long though... it's just been broken by a Chinese company called Ehang which flew 1,374 "Egret" drones as part of the 1st of May, Chinese Labour Day celebrations in Xi'an. Ehang made the news in 2016 when they announced their intentions to design a pilotless drone which could carry human passengers. (See )

The spectacular light display didn't go completely as planned however, as the mini drones failed to complete a number of set patterns, including showing the date and the total number of drones in the record attempt. Despite that however, the light show looked amazing, with the drones forming a 1200 meter long animated curtain above the city's ancient wall, which was also lit up to add to the spectacle.

Ehang "Egret" Drones break record in China

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out the video at

...or a slightly longer clip at

....we've got Altitude!


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