Top 20 drone photos from 2017

The top 20 aerial photographs from 2017 have been revealed on Dronestagram, a site which allows drone pilots to share their aerial photographs and videos.

One of my favourites has to be of a Polar bear crossing ice floes in the high Arctic which was taken by Florian Ledoux during an expedition.

Aerial photograph of a polar bear crossing a gap between two ice floes - by Florian Ledoux

Analysing the thousands of images shared on social media last year, the trend has been away from scenery and more towards close up views of people and wildlife. The standard is very high, as drone technology continues to improve and photographers become more experienced.

I also love this image by jcourtial - but that might also be because I've visited this particularly stunning beach in Portugal. On a quiet day, the hard climb is well worth a day spent in this secluded and beautiful cove,

Aerial photograph of stairway down to a secluded beach in the Algarve, Portugal - by jcourtial

Which of the top 20 photographs is your favorite?

See them all by clicking on any of the images above or going direct to

Fly safe!

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