Search and Rescue Drones being trialled on UK lifeboats

Drones and sea water - any water at all in fact- don't usually mix. Yet in Caister, Norfolk, an enterprising lifeboat service which is independent from the RNLI, are trialling the use of Drones to assist them in their search and rescue work.

BBC image of Caister lifeboat crew trialling drones

The BBC posted a news item about it a little while back - if you look at the video the drones appear to be designed to be either hand launched or to take off from the curved rubber decking area in front of the cabin.

The idea is that the images relayed back to the lifeboat from the drones vantage point, can be used to speed up search and rescue operations. The BBC video also shows the drones fitted with lights and flying in the rain at night, but unfortunately no details are provided on how this has been achieved or the expected battery life.

You can only hope that the trials are successful and similar drones are used more widely across our dangerous shores.

The BBC Video can be viewed by clicking on the image above.

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